Addressing Teachers’ Concerns and Doubts about EdTech

Nov 20, 2019

Changing standards and dynamics in education, are bringing with it several associated changes, born from the need of moving beyond textbooks and direct learning. Gone are the days when learning was limited to scheduled curriculums and limited methods of delivering. Students aren’t just being educated in today’s schools, they are being groomed to become leaders and visionaries of tomorrow. It’s no wonder then, that schools are embracing technology like never before, going far beyond, simply adding a screen or computer to the classroom. Educational Technology is making its presence felt like never before, turning into the buzzword of our times. From digitizing classrooms, assessing student learning styles, customizing learning, student profiling, to streamlining school data, assisting teachers, and automating assessments, EdTech doesn’t just have an answer for almost every challenge in the field, it is also paving the way for a larger, more impactful transformation.

However, despite all that it has to offer, EdTech is often met with some hesitation, especially from teachers. While they do want what’s best for their students, they don’t often get to see how EdTech can help them achieve the same, through ways that don’t just make their work easier, but far more effective too.

Having already impacted about 20,000 student lives through 24 schools, EdSense would like to help teachers get over their hesitation, and embrace EdTech with enthusiasm that matches its wide range of benefits. Here are our answers to the most common concerns.

I already use technology in my classroom, how is this any different?

EdTech does more, than just introducing a screen to the classroom, or introduce online learning. From flipped classrooms to curating content, from assessing students inteterests to enabling assessments online without the hassles of manual corrections, from helping understand every students learning style to helping you design lesson plans accordingly, from providing learning references to managing student data, EdTech platforms like EdSense, are much more than your average technology in the classroom. Made by stalwarts holding experience and expertise in the field, EdSense combines human efforts and artificial intelligence, bringing students, teachers, parents and the school together, to work as a community, enabling specialized attention to each student’s needs and progress.

I have been teaching without EdTech for years and my students are doing fine. Why change that now?

Schools no longer limit themselves to making students learn and thrive in a classroom, but also see to the fact that they do the same outside, in the real world. To ensure this, students must be groomed according to their learning styles and interests, while also keeping up with the times. Despite how well direct teaching works, it can only do so much as to help students excel in limited ways. Having technology as your aide, won’t just help you reform your teaching methods, but also have an accurate insight into how effective your teaching is. Besides, changing times call for changing classrooms. While your teaching methods may be exceptional, embracing EdTech will foster a more inclusive environment in your classroom, enabling you to recognize what your students need from you.

major shift, and perhaps even intimidating. However, it’s important to note that although EdTech aims to work for students’ progress, it does so, by enabling teachers, and not intimidating or confusing them. EdSense for example, is an easy to navigate, and easy to understand platform, that may be advanced in its features, but is simple in its user interface. Students have individual profiles with detailed insights, making it easy for teachers to keep track, hassle free. We also provide a detailed introduction class that helps you understand the tool better, and are easy to approach for any further queries while using the tool later.

Will this Mean Extra Work? What about my Syllabus?

Apart from helping you create dynamic lesson plans, EdTech makes your work much easier, by saving time on repetitive tasks such as assessment corrections or admin activities. Barring the initial stage of you getting to learn how the platform works, EdTech doesn’t require any major additional work from you, in fact, it works towards reducing your work load. EdTech platforms may bring a sea of information and knowledge to your screen, but it also does the exceptional job of curating what matters, thus saving you time and effort. Choosing the right platform such as EdSense won’t just give you more opportunities to deliver routine lessons in different ways, but will also help you keep a track of your syllabus, by syncing and monitoring the same within the platform. Curated Open Educational Resources from various sources are aggregated and sequenced, as per the school curricula.

What’s in it for Me?

With technology at your fingertip, EdTech acts as your assistant in dealing with tasks that are important but time consuming, helping you focus more on your teaching, and students. EdSense provide continuous professional development of over 90 hours a year, apart from courses and articles, to not just keep you with the times, but also help you grow further in your career. With features that enable sharing of best practices by other teachers across the school networks, you get to learn from your peers too. You may also plan and record your logs in the platform, to take strategic steps throughout the year. To state that EdTech doesn’t just help with students’ progress, but that of teachers’ too, would not be inaccurate.

EdSense has been designed, not just with students’ interests in mind, but also that of the community that relentlessly works towards their progress. This is why we have a solution for every concern teachers have regarding EdTech. If you’re still on the edge regarding EdTech, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll help you see how having a digital strategy partner like EdSense, can bring about exceptional transformation to school education.

Sunil Sathyavolu

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