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new learning paradigms Jun 21, 2020

This pandemic—it’s not fair in a lot of ways.

You are not alone. Even premier institutions around the world are still contemplating on how the new academic year is going to look like. They believe their community of students, parents, staff will collectively make decisions that works for most of them.

In the end, no plan will make everyone happy. But people who participated in the forums will at least have a better understanding of the problem, and the process that went into the plan. The school community is just going to respond better because they’ve been consulted!

How MIT Is Crowdsourcing Its Reopening Plans

As MIT considered whether to hold classes online or in person in the fall, and how to operate safely in either case, it decided to tap the collective wisdom of its faculty, staff and students. So it decided to run a giant crowdsourcing effort.

That included running 69 community forums via Zoom, where participants were broken into groups of 10 to 12 to brainstorm and voice their opinions on a menu of options that included:

  • inviting all undergraduate students back in the fall for in-person teaching;
  • a delayed start, with two full semesters beginning in early January;
  • two semesters, with 60 percent of undergraduates on campus in the fall, and 75 percent in the spring;
  • a three-semester model, with all undergrads guaranteed two out of three semesters on campus; and
  • a fully remote fall, with the degree of in-person teaching for spring to be determined based on conditions at that time.

MIT also opened an online suggestion box that received 27,000 comments.

Why not conduct EdSense online surveys in your school to make everyone participant in shaping the new schooling year?

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