Enrichment of Learners with 21st Century Skills

WOW Nov 25, 2019

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but
those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn- Alvin toffler Before Imparting the 21st century timeless skills to our learners, I strongly feel that the leaders of 21 st century must be well equipped to handle. The 21st century leader will need to have tools and methods to:

Expect: Consistently communicate a vision, standards, goals, and high expectations for student and teacher learning, and possess and share expert
knowledge, confidence, hope, and optimism.
Inspect: Include data, curriculum, instruction, assessment, culture and
climate, the learning environment, teacher performance, and organizational
Direct: Define improvement objectives and expected standards; inspire
experimentation, innovation, and involvement; and provide ongoing
professional learning, resources, and support.
Respect: Demonstrate respect for individual differences, trust, confidence,
empathy, and flexibility, and recognize progress and accomplishment.
Reflect: Examine results, determine progress and the need to adjust and
support implementation, and evaluate professional development.

As per the latest research in this area, the 21st century skills are now called as 5 c’s timeless skills that not only the learners must have but also all the professionals of different fields must reflect and ponder on. They are:


It can be argued that creativity lies at the heart of personalized learning.

With the ability to take a more independent and innovative approach to their own learning, students are empowered to think critically, and form their own conclusions

Critical Thinking:

Through personalized learning paths, students are urged to claim more ownership over their learning and thinking. Taking an active role in their education, students are awarded the freedom to learn at their own pace, and in their own ways. With a real-time view of their progress, self-assessment is openly encouraged as a way to reach their goal


Collaboration has been the focus of many 21st century instructional tools. With social media now taking an active role in collaborative learning, real-time platforms have made it possible to expand the collaborative nature of learning far outside the classroom. Offering students, parents, administrators and educators a real-time view of student progress, collaboration between all is encouraged towards their shared goal of better learning outcomes


More collaborative learning means more emphasis on cooperation.

With a better understanding of how to connect and interact online, students are urged to incorporate these lessons in everyday life, encouraged to communicate effectively, and respectfully, in every environment.


Communication skills are more important than ever with social media unavoidably taking an active role in student development.. Using this as a tool to bring communication to the fore in all aspects of their learning, students can be taught the essentials of verbalizing their knowledge through open discussion and debate. By sharing and discussing in non-judgemental and open environments, communication skills begin to expand, planting the seed that brings us right back to creativity and critical thinking

These above skills are an integral part of today’s society and scenario. These must be practiced and implemented in every day life and in all situations. When our students graduate and are ready for jobs, more than the course content these skills will be a mandate to survive in the tough world there.

About our guest author

Dr. Vasudha Neel Mani

Vasudha Neel Mani is an educationist with over 23 years of experience. Recently have begun her new journey with a new upcoming school SCJ world Academy. She has also been an Advisor and Consultant to ARDEE world school for implementing the Cambridge Curriculum.

She worked as the Principal at Vidya Sanskar International School for past 6 years. A double masters in Psychology and Education and special educator by profession, Ms Neel Mani has been working towards bring about the decisive change in the Indian Education System and put it on par with the best-in-class.

A registered practitioner with the Rehabilitation Council of India and a trained Special Educator and Psychologist, she has devoted over a decade with special needs children at various institutions.2013-14 CIDTT – Diploma program in teacher’s training –her module is on Skills to be an effective teacher where she scored over all distinction in the course with three distinctions in planning, assessment and evaluation and pass in practice. The modules were completely on teachers training.

Ms Neel Mani has conducted various workshops in Special Education, Multiple Intelligence and Curriculum and Assertive Discipline and has played a key role in the curriculum development of many schools. Her views on RTE were published as a part of cover story in the Education World Magazine and also she wrote an article on Urgent need of Value Education.She was one of the educationist who presented a paper on Imbibing Values by School Leadership at 5th International conference conducted by Edu Excellence, IIT and MHRD

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