Future Mapping: Where Multiple Intelligences Takes Your Child

WOW Jun 24, 2019

There are two types of individuals in this world, who create outstanding success.

A) The Laser-focused

Think Mohammed Ali. The man wanted nothing else all his life, except to be a boxing champion. Every waking moment, his only obsession was his fight. He considered no other career, he trained himself for no other job, he lived and breathed for his boxing. And he was a victor like no other.  Unwavering. No deviations. Not accepting failure. He had only one goal, one path to travel, and he never took his eyes off his one aim. The result – A World Champion – one of the greatest ever.

B) The Multi-Passionate

Think Sir Richard Branson. The mega-billionaire multipreneur, who established empires in almost every industry, right from airlines to mining to space-travel to entertainment productions and humanities. This person wanted to explore the full length and breadth of the world. He cast his net far and wide. The result – one of the wealthiest, most successful and most impactful human beings of all times.

Some of us are blessed to know our passions right from childhood. Like Ali. We can then plan our education, training and career pathways in alignment with our core skill.

The rest of us are not so certain. We take the traditional school courses, a few extra-curricular activities, pick the most trending field of study in college which claims to have ‘scope’, and then join the rat-race of climbing a corporate ladder, step by step.

This may serve some well, but survey shows that only 13% of working people – actually like going to work! The remaining 97% of the working population are deeply unsatisfied with their jobs, and therefore forego happiness in life, letting this dis-satisfaction and stress hamper everything in life right from their health to their relationships. The quality of life suffers.

Is this the point of providing premium education to our children? So that they eventually end up leading a lacklustre, unhappy, fatigued life?

This is why it is so important to understand the concept of Multiple Intelligences in children, and help them figure out not only their strengths and weaknesses, but also their passions. Encouraging children to explore different subjects, lauding them for their creativity, giving them knowledge about different career paths they can take, and honing their specific talents becomes crucial.

The education system should evolve to include and validate:

  • Self-reflection
  • Leadership traits
  • Creative capacity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Grit and endurance
  • Compassion and social responsibility
  • Communication, networking & people-skills
  • Basic Financial education to enable children who want to carve out unique career paths
  • Holistic Health & Wellness

Above all, school curriculum need to prepare children for TRANSITIONS– a key element missing in our social and educational mindsets today. Simply put, life is not predictable. We each face twists and turns. We will hit that moment when our world flips inside out – since we finally know what we really want to do with our lives – the moment when we stumble across our true passion and purpose. But what if we are 38 years old by then? What if we have a solid educational background in one subject, a good job but no life satisfaction? How do we make TRANSITIONS towards a more meaningful life?

Or even if we knew our arena right from the beginning, how do we handle the monumental challenges that life WILL throw at us, one day or the other?

Giving children the tools and techniques to build EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE to handle what life throws at them, is perhaps THE MOST important education we can grant. We can teach children that in their personal and professional lives, they can PIVOT when they choose. It may not be easy, but it is possible. Teach children that LEARNING NEVER ENDS. They can opt for continuing education or a brand new qualification altogether, no matter how old they grow. They can build a new, more fulfilling career with some ENTREPRENEURIAL skills and resources, at ANY point in their life. Let them know that the world doesn’t end when we run into a wall – that we just have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep running forward.

New-age professions are permutations and combinations of multiple skills and multiple subjects. For instance, I’m an engineer, with a Master’s and Doctoral education in Natural Medicine. I’m not the only one with this unusual combination of qualifications. In my journey, I’ve met plenty more who have followed such unique paths, including an IAS officer who did MBBS after B.E, people who went into sports management after engineering, friends who went on to become real estate tycoons after studying psychology, corporate honchos who gave up their big titles and jobs to build a restaurant by the beach-side and live in peace, while also teaching yoga! There are also school-dropouts who went on to build the world’s greatest economical empires.

This is reality. These are the courses life takes us on. We find our own path to happiness, and your children will be facing the same choices one day in the future – the most difficult and defining decisions of their lives. And we can consider ourselves as successful educators, if we have equipped our children to handle these turning-points!

About our guest author-

Sindhujaa Kumar, MD (A.M) Founder - Sindhujaa Kumar Wellness Ventures

Sindhujaa Kumar is an established transformation partner for corporates, celebrities and athletes - holistically integrating fitness, nutrition & emotional intelligence to unlock new dimensions of health, beauty, personal power and professional empowerment.

Sindhujaa is a licensed Holistic Wellness Practitioner who holds an MD in Alternative Medicines. She helps in naturally healing chronic disorders and strengthening personalities through lifestyle management:

  1. Exercise & Movement Sciences
  2. Nutrition & Herbalism
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Energy Healing
  4. Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence for personal & professional empowerment

She is an ACSM accredited Fitness Expert (international gold standard for elite fitness professionals). Cutting-edge strength & conditioning, athletic coaching, yoga and movement therapy are her primary fitness modalities.

​A vibrant thought-leader in women's health and holistic empowerment, Sindhujaa is a poignant speaker and writer. She believes in an artistic, soulful approach to life and work, and is a published poet.

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