How to prepare for CBSE Board exams?

Jan 31, 2019

The most awaited news at the beginning of the year is out with CBSE announcing the 10th and 12th board exam dates. In the households where students in 10th and 12th grade live, the next 2 months are the most stressful. TV time, screen time and play time are cut down drastically just to focus on the looming goal of passing the board exams with flying colors. Working parents take days off work, just to encourage and motivate their children. But all this does lead to an anxious time and can impact the academic performance of the students.

At EdSense, our thought process is to make learning as stress-free and anxiety-free as possible. The only goal of standardized examinations should be to find the least stressful way to consolidate all the knowledge students have learnt over the year and to translate it seamlessly  into answer sheets and give them a key to planning the future well. To this effect, we have consolidated some tips and tricks that can aid the students over the next few weeks.

  • Create a time-table : Apart from the study time-table, have a regular daily routine . Sleep early, get up early in the morning, have a proper breakfast and then study. Do not stay up late or waste time doing something that is counter productive like worrying about what might happen. Take out an hour or two to relax and not think about the exams.
  • Focus on syllabus and the prescribed books : There are many reference books available, but for the exam, concentrate on prescribed text books. The question papers are based on them mainly and having a thorough understanding of those text books will be a sure shot way to score high.
  • Focus on all subjects : Many students try to focus on subjects that interest them or those that they plan to pursue further, But don't forget that some subjects are more scoring, so combine studies in a way that a tough subject and easier/interesting subject are studied alternately.
  • Revision: In one of our previous blogs, we discussed about the SWOT (Study Without Tears) technique which utilizes a student's Learning Style. This enables a student to personalize learning and extract the maximum learning out of a subject. For example, a Visual Learner can revise by converting important concepts into flow charts or diagrams , an auditory learner can record notes and play them back. Read this blog post here.
  • Solve sample papers : Find a corner in your room to recreate the examination center and solve CBSE sample question papers and time them. After you have solved the paper, mark yourself as per the CBSE marking scheme. The Sample question papers and marking schemes are listed in the CBSE website. (10th Boards 12th Boards  Sample Papers and Marking Scheme). Timing the sample papers will help you finish your actual exam on time.
  • Self assessment : Self-assess your sample paper and pre-board exam results and create a strategy to improve on the weak areas. You can take assistance of your teachers to create and implement the strategy. The SWOT technique will be very useful in creating the strategy.                                                                      
  • Ensure physical and mental well-being : Proper nutrition and sufficient sleep still remain the key to handle any enduring situation. It is also fine to watch some TV or listen to music to calm the mind and soothe the nerves. Don't be too harsh on yourself , its fine to do some activity that diverts your attention away from exams. With anxiety creeping in, parents and teachers can help students figure out Coping Strategies to aid their emotional stability.

The Day of the Exam: On the day of the exam, ensure that you have had a good night's sleep, eaten a nutritious breakfast and done some deep breathing or meditation early in the morning. Do not try to cram anything at the last moment even if your best friend has scared you with a topic which you do not remember even reading. If you have done a proper and consistent preparation over the last few weeks, you will find that the exam season will pass by like a gentle breeze.

So, with a cup of your favorite milk fortified drink and the tips and tricks above, brace yourself for the season of exams. Our best wishes are with you!

Madhavi Agnihotri

A technologist passionate about how an effective education system can build a future ready generation.