Innovation right from designing class room

Guest post Aug 16, 2018

The classroom is personal, it’s a place the teacher designs for themselves and their students to be able to work together to inspire, excite and explore.

It’s a place where the children come each and everyday to see friends, talk, learn and discover. A place of safety, calm and care.

Teachers spend hours labouring over their classroom to make it just right, so the eyes of those entering each morning are wide with awe. But what makes a classroom successful. The prepared environment is so crucial to the learning of our students and therefore here are some ways you can enhance your classroom.

  1. Organise the room into designated sections where children know they can find certain resources. (English maths science) it creates independence to the inquiring mind.

  2. Have your tables arranged in groups, pairs and individuals, to cater for all kinds of learners.

  3. Have a small bell that the children can ring to make announcements or ask the class to be quieter.

  4. Make the rule that if a student uses a resource from the shelf it must go back exactly as they found it.

  5. Give time each day for meditative reading. At that point you can read with several children while the others relax and enjoy reading their own books.

Inspire, excite, explore

by Gavin McCormack