K-12 Education Around the Globe series

Feb 21, 2019

Across the world K-12 education is growing and each country has its own implementation of the system.

We have started a series of articles which takes you to a journey across the education landscape of countries such as Singapore, Finland, Australia, US and Japan.

We will briefly touch on various aspects - structure, worldwide rankings, government policies, reforms, pedagogy, skill development, issues and concerns and any unique features which stand out. An understanding of different education systems can provide insights into aspects which can be emulated in other countries to strive for better educational outcomes and thus a future ready generation.

Part 1 - Education System of Singapore

Part 2 - Education System of Finland

Part 3 - Education System of Japan

Part 4 - Education System of Australia

Part 5 - Education System of USA

Madhavi Agnihotri

A technologist passionate about how an effective education system can build a future ready generation.